The Pecoy Companies Kick Off Renovations at Fountain Park

You might have noticed that the shape of Fountain Park is changing as we approach the exciting summer concert series. Downed trees are being cleared up and construction work is underway. The Pecoy Companies are prepping the barn for an overhaul. Kent Pecoy has had a vested interest in Fountain Park for years. He is a longtime Wilbraham resident and has raised his family here. He first came to the park when renovations began and built the quaint gazebo that draws visitors year round. He has been involved in prior barn renovations, and is handling the current round of improvements. The devastating tornados of 2011 affected the structure as well as some regular wear and tear. Currently, Jason Pecoy is overseeing the renovation and installation of new windows, new doors, new siding on the outside and new PVC trim on doors and corners. The ground will be re-graded around the outside and you can expect to see new concrete steps and accessibility ramps. Kent Pecoy sits on the Board of Fountain Park and is thrilled to take part in the upkeep of the facilities for all to enjoy.

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